About Us

Nakia Simone, is the founder of Seduction by Nakia Simone, a women's, self-taught fashion designer that designs each custom piece specifically to enhance and flatter a womans curves. We use techniques such as high waist bottoms, draping, and 4-way stretch fabrics in order to amplify a woman's hip to waist ratio in the most elegant, sophisticated and classy way possible. ​ Being a woman with an athletic build and unique style, Simone struggled to find clothes that fit her shape and suit her style. After many years of wearing clothing that never fit quite right, she finally started designing and sewing her own clothing. After wearing her own designs, she instantly starting receiving positive feedback and order requests from other women. Thus, leading to the creation of Seduction by Nakia Simone. ​ No matter your size or shape, your clothes should always be comfortable, fitted, flattering and classy. The Seduction by Nakia Simone brand prides itself on amplifying these important attributes. Shop Seduction by Nakia Simone!